Preventative Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance Plan In Idaho Falls, Ammon, Rigby, Shelley, And The Surrounding Areas

Preventative Care Is Cheaper Than Repair

The purpose of the program is to ensure that your HVAC system works properly and is prepared for the upcoming season. Let us keep your system running as it should with a membership in our Preventative Maintenance Program. You can trust our professional team to maintain your equipment in order to improve the efficiency of your system, increase comfort, prevent unexpected breakdowns, and extend the overall life of your system. 

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Membership Benefits

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

As recommended by manufacturers and utility companies alike, when you receive regular maintenance on your system it can lower utility bills and reduce breakdowns. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about remembering to schedule, we will give you a call when it’s time to schedule for your service!

Savings with no Added Fees

As a member of our PMP you save between $200-$400 on all your heating and cooling maintenance and service for as long as the maintenance program is effective. That’s quality service at a discounted rate!

5 Main Benefits of Having a HVAC PMP:

  1. A professional will identify and solve any existing problems with your system before they escalate and become costly.
  2. Well maintained systems run more efficiently, meaning that they consume less energy and thus save you money.
  3. Regular system inspections decrease the risk of your HVAC breaking down during the most inconvenient times.
  4. Our maintenance program gives homeowners the freedom to schedule the inspections according to your availability.
  5. Well maintained systems have a longer lifespan.


  • 4 visits per year
  1. Spring visit includes a full AC service/tune-up.
  2. Summer visit includes a visual inspection with a filter change
  3. Fall visit includes a full furnace service/tune-up.
  4. Winter visit includes a visual inspection with a filter change.


  • 2 visits per year
  1. Spring visit includes a full AC service/tune-up.
  2. Fall visit includes a full furnace service/tune-up.

Full AC service/tune-up includes:

  • Inspect coolant levels & pressure
  • Check & adjust thermostat
  • Inspect wiring, contacts, capacitors, & relays
  • Inspect evaporator coil
  • Inspect and clean condenser inside and out
  • Inspect condensate drain
  • Inspect outdoor disconnect
  • Inspect condenser fan motor & blades
  • Filter change

Full Furnace Service/Tune-up Includes:

  • Clean blower
  • Clean & adjust burners
  • Inspect heat exchange
  • Inspect gas pressure & flame
  • Inspect igniter/pilot light
  • Check airflow
  • Filter change

Year Round Maintenance So You Never Go Without

Never go without with RSJ Mechanical’s Preventative Maintenance Program, contact us today at (208) 521-3764 to learn more about how our maintenance program can benefit you. Our top-notch service of HVAC service Idaho Falls ID will give you an incredible feeling of having the best comfort and HVAC quality.